Amid efforts to promote maternal health care across the country there are disturbing reports that three newly born babies died in a single night at Balaka District Hospital after nurse insulted expectant women over ‘wasting government food’.

Malawi News Hub has learnt that the nurse being shielded by hospital officials sent back from labour ward pregnant women who were about to deliver and insulted them for taking too long waiting at the facility a development which waste a lot of government food.

However, information indicates that three babies died during delivery in absence of medical personnel within the same night.

According to anonymous women at the hospital, the nurse on duty that night sent them back saying their time was not due but also thrown insults at them.

Some sources who confined to this publication have revealed that the women were barred from beating the nurse following the death of the babies.

Following the incident, the expectant mothers and their guardians went on hunger strike for whole day and planned to go to court a move which was blocked by unidentified hospital authorities.

Investigations into the matter have revealed that the nurse who was on duty on that night is only known as Nguluwe.

Meanwhile, any action is yet to be taken but the women have started receiving food normally following discussions with authorities at the hospital which was awarded first position in promoting good maternal care.


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