Breaking news : PP NEC concludes Coalition Discussions – Kalaile

Breaking news : PP NEC concludes Coalition Discussions – Kalaile

Peoples’ Party-PP National Publicity Secretary Ackson Kalaile Banda has said discussions between the People’s Party and other political parties
pertaining an electoral alliance have reached its final stages.

Kalaile Banda explains that when the issue was tabled at National Executive Committee meeting where members gave their views on the same matter.

“A major consensus
reached at that forum was that the party should work with other parties in the run up to the May 2019 polls.”

PP Publicist adds; “An official communication will be made within the next 48 hours to
all relevant stakeholders including the media. Exhaustive details of the political arrangement going forward shall be made available
through the said communication.”

“In the absence of that official communication, members of the
media are asked to bear with us as we cannot divulge any
information that has not been authorized by the national executive
committee and our working partners.”

For some months Peoples’ Party has been engaging into talks with UTM for working together in order for them to make a brighter future for 21 May elections.