Lucius Banda to soldier on in UDF presidential candidate race

Icon musician cum politician Lucius Banda is to soldier on in the race for United Democratic Front (UDF) party presidential candidate for the forthcoming general elections despite the official announcement that the party will be represented by its current leader Atupule Muluzi.

UDF has been experiencing internal wrangles on who is to take over its leadership and complete during the much anticipated 2019 elections which led to emergence of separate camps.

In a twist of course events the Muluzi camp ‘officially’ announced that the party will be represented by Muluzi who is the son of its founder and former Malawi leader Bakili Muluzi.

However, reacting to the development, a grouping called Friends of Lucius Banda has revealed that they are still going to push Banda to take over UDF’s leadership and consequently race in the next elections.

Speaking to Malawi News Hub, the organising secretary for the grouping Martin Pilato said that UDF as a party has guiding principles and there is no way someone can just wake up to announce its candidate.

Martin Pilato : Backs Lucius Banda

“The UDF constitution tell us, guide us at a right time. What we know is that coming ahead of us is convention where members will exercise right of voting for person of their choice” said Pilato.

He further added that “it is convention” that will tell it all on the issue so Malawians should wait.

The grouping believe Banda, well known as soldier in music cycles, has all what it takes to turn around the country’s trailing situation.

Soldier is the only UDF member of parliament still seating on opposition side after all its members joined government side of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in which young Muluzi serves as minister.

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