Malawi Politics: ‘Change goal’ saga shakes up PP

The former ruling People’s Party (PP) has been shaken following its acting President Uladi ‘Change goal’ Mussa’s interest to contest as leader of the party.

Well known as ‘change goal’ in political cycles, Mussa went on to declare that PP and Malawi former leader Joyce Banda (JB) has no mandate over the party.

Mussa recently told the media that he is now the leader of the party and is also set to contest as the party’s president.

Speaking during ‘Tiuzeni zoona’ program on Zodiak, Mussa stated that the party is in his has following expiring of the party’s committee. He however did not indicate whether or not his mandate has expired as well.

The acting president also accused JB of planning to make her son Roy Kachale the party’s president.

PP spokesperson Noah Chimpeni had earlier commented that the acting president staged a coup.

Chimpeni has then made it clear that “Mussa is not wrong to show interest in the party’s to seat” but labeled his remarks of taking powers of the party leader ‘unconstitutional’.

Meanwhile, Mussa has been suspended by the party’s committee a matter Mussa has disputed saying “no one has powers to call for party meeting except him.

PP was founded by JB after being from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following sour relationship with the then Malawi President Bingu wa Mutharika.

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