Malawian witchdoctor who works with baboons, snakes makes headlines in Zimbabwe

As technology improves witchdoctors seem nowhere behind in their ways of doing charms. A Malawian witchdoctor based in Zimbabwe claims he works with baboons and snakes for example to bring back lost lovers.

The witchdoctor, Kamwelo Kamwelo Banda, say he sends baboons and snakes to help bringing back lost love.

The 44 year old Banda told Bulawayo24 lots of scenarios in which some lost partners came back to their homes running because of the baboons and snakes.

Apart from dealing with love issues the witchdoctor also punishes thieves to various degree in relation to what was stolen. The thieves end up imitating sounds of animals if they steal livestock.

Banda was qouted saying, “we do not mind how far the place is, we send our animals to go and dig medicine, some of it is taken under water, we send crocodiles and snakes”.

It is believed that Banda collaborates with a friend in Ghana and he claims he gets medicine from different countries across Africa including South Africa and Benin.

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