Man of Malawian origin set to pay 300 cattle lobola for King Mswati’s daughter

A Swazi man with Malawian origin is expected to pay about 300 cattle lobola to marry his desired love of life from royal King Mswati’s III’s royal family.

Malawi Hub News has established that former basketball player Mzwakhe Phiri is set to marry Princess Sikhanyiso, the eldest of King Mswati III’s daughters.

Local media in South Africa reported that the 30 year old Phiri will have to dig deeper in his pocket if he really want to take the Princess because marrying a lady from royal family is very expensive.

Rumors had it that Prince Mnikwa Dlamini requested his subjects to donate cattle to Phiri.

City Press Newspaper in South Africa wrote that “ Malawian High Commission was approached to ask Swaziland based Malawians to contribute” reports which officials denied.

It is said that Phiri has to present 50 cattle just to open up for negotiations.
However, Phiri is yet to confirm the reports but was quick to tell the media that he is not ready to marry.

The man is believed to be already close to the royal family as the Princess visits his place.

Phiri’s grandfather was from Malawi.

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