NGOs support sex workers in Kasungu

Two Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) working in Kasungu Theatre for a Change (Tfac) and Good Health Youth Organisation (GHYO) have been hailed for ‘Tithandizane Project which is helping sex workers in the district.

The sex workers in the district have expressed their gratitude towards the positive impacts of the Tithandizane Project in their lives.

Apart from Kasungu Town, the project is being implemented at Chinkhoma, Santhe, Nkhamenya, Linga and Chotoloma trading centres.

Both Tfac project officer Jemmema Zawanda and counterpart of GHYO Mecry Mtalika sex workers who are discriminated in various forms have now become self-reliant in their lives while some are completely abandoning the sex business.

Mtalika told Malawi News Agency that “most sex workers now rely on their own business rather than sex work. They also engage in village banks that are very successful”.

The project has been in the district for four years.

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