RAMO petitions Mutharika on quarter system, corruption

Revamp Aford Movement (RAMO), a political grouping under Alliance for Democracy (Aford) Party has petitioned the state president of the republic of Malawi Peter Mutharika  to deal with several concerns including quarter system and corruption.

RAMO members and some Malawians in South Africa organised peaceful demonstrations earlier last week to deliver the petition to Malawi Embassy in the rainbow nation.

The petition, which Malawi News Hub has a copy, requests Mutharika to address concerns among them quarter system, corruption, nepotism and regionalism.

Speaking to Malawi News Hub reporter after handing the petition to Malawi embassy in South Africa,RAMO leader Blessings Mduli Chirwa, said the demonstrations were organised by members of his party with regard to the challenges all Malawians are going through.

RAMO petitions Mutharika on quarter system, corruption among others

On corruption, Chirwa said that the Malawi leader has to make sure that every corrupt individual faces the law.

Chirwa added that they “expect the president to establish an independent or a international audit body to audit all government departments”.

He further stated that ministers should be audited because it is not only George Chaponda who is connected to corruption scandal.

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